BPC Training Centre

Roadshow in Poznań, 19th March 2015

This Educational Meeting is targeted to enterprises that are operating on the Polish market,
and so it will be conducted in Polish language. Click Here to proceed to its domestic website,
where you can find expanded descriptions and more information in Polish.
Meeting Info
BPC GROUP POLAND would like to invite you for a Roadshow:

Poznań, 19th March 2015
The greatest problem for the computerization of the chemical industry is the complexity of all technological processes in the production of chemicals. The need to observe all legal and sanitary requirements in this sector obligates entrepreneurs to utilize IT support systems.

During the meeting the following issues shall be presented:
  • Formula production handling;
  • Creation of complex technological cards;
  • Production adjustment to legal standards (i.a. ISO);
  • Advanced quality control;
  • Laboratory services, production planning;
  • By-product handling;
  • Variables formula management;
  • Genealogy, tracking the product life cycle (traceability);
  • Supply chain identification (SCM);
  • Calculating current TKW;
  • Substitute management and defining.

We would like to invite company board members and management staff
to take part in the meeting, and in particular:
  • Chairmen and board members of companies in the SME and corporate sector;
  • Substantive department directors, i.a. technical production, laboratories,
    quality control, finance, development;
  • IT department managers;
  • Chief process engineers;
  • Chief automation specialists, constructors.
Date: 19th March 2015
Thursday, 09:15 AM
Place: Poland, Poznań, Hotel ForZa
61-619 Poznań, ul. Dworska 1
Costs: Participation is free of charge
(incl. registered certificates, lunch for participants)
The Meeting will be
conducted in Polish
Hotel ForZa
General Organiser:
Technological Partners:
Hicron Sp z o.o. CompuTec S.A. proALPHA Polska Sp. z o.o. ANT Sp. z o.o. PONAR PLAST Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. Elektronika S.A.
Analysed IT Solutions:
sap-bo process-force proALPHA Polska Sp. z o.o. mitsubishi
Kompass Poland Sp. z o.o. Księgarnia Internetowa Helion.pl Kaspersky Lab Polska Sp. z o.o.
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