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Conference in Poznań, 12th June 2019

This Educational Meeting is targeted to enterprises that are operating on the Polish market,
and so it will be conducted in Polish language. Click Here to proceed to its domestic website,
where you can find expanded descriptions and more information in Polish.
Meeting Info
BPC GROUP POLAND would like to invite you for a Conference:

Poznań, 12th June 2019
Random events such as e.g. data theft, fire, flooding, or equipment damage without protective measures in place may lead to serious financial losses. IT systems provide the possibility to monitor traffic in the network, create backups and data protection against leaking.

During the meeting the following issues shall be presented:
  • Contract and regulations related to data protection;
  • Creation of backup copies;
  • IT Infrastructure Management;
  • Contemporary challenges for data backup and XTM/UTM solutions;
  • Inventorying hardware and software;
  • Data archiving management;
  • Antivirus protection;
  • IT safety monitoring methods;
  • Lost information recovery;
  • Assigning rights and authentication methods;
  • Confidential data and information encryption and access control;
  • Information security audit.

We would like to invite company board members and management staff
to take part in the meeting, and in particular:
  • Managers of IT departments;
  • IT security auditors;
  • IT Engineers responsible for network and IT systems administration;
  • Persons participating in the process of selecting IT solutions in the company;
  • Managers responsible for crisis management.
Conference of BPC GROUP POLAND:
Date: 12th June 2019
Wednesday, 09:00 AM
Place: Poland, Poznań, Ilonn Hotel ****
60-462 Poznań, ul. Szarych Szeregów 16
Costs: Participation is free of charge
(incl. lunch for participants, coffee break)
The Meeting will be
conducted in Polish
Ilonn Hotel ****
General Organiser:
Technological Partners:
itelligence Sp. z o.o. ibm-gold-partner Humansoft Sp. z o.o. Archman Sp. z o.o. Junisoftex Sp. z o. o.
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