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Meetings Specialization – IT Safety

Participant profile: IT Directors/Managers, IT Specialists
Analysed IT solutions:
  • Antivirus Systems
  • Backup Systems
  • Vision Monitoring Systems
Antivirus technologies are responsible for identification and elimination of viruses in the form of malignant computer software or unwanted applications aimed at creating pre-defined damage caused by the so-called viral infection.

Antivirus systems are applied as additional protection of servers/workstations. A viral infection is most often the result of accessing non-verified data carriers, or the Internet. One of the basic antivirus program tools is the so-called firewall, which limits access to resources of individual computers and protects them against outside influences (public networks, local networks, the Internet). Virus hazards (Internet worms, spyware, Trojan horses etc.) are monitored and detected in real time, which enables constant security of a given workstation. It is done by means of a cyclical computer scanning, paying special attention to potential infections/attacks. When such attacks should appear, the system automatically blocks user operations, aiming to download an infected programme or access an untrusted Internet website. The antivirus system is an effective tool for data protection only when the virus database is automatically updated by the software manufacturer.

Main benefits from the use of an antivirus system:
  • Detection of virus presence in the system;
  • Prevention of installation of undesirable software on a computer;
  • Possibility of repairing damaged files;
  • Continuous workstation protection.

Backup systems are responsible for creating backup copies of the most important data of an organization. Often entire computers are protected in this way, together with their data, which eliminates the risk data loss in the event of failure. If a failure should occur, backup systems allow for a fast recovery of lost files and even of previously installed software. Backup also permits securing data against unwanted leaks outside the company, by encryption, compression or remote monitoring. Backup systems are flexible enough to allow a possibility of fitting the backup performing schedule to the specific nature of a company's operations in such a way, so as not to disturb the employees. Modern systems have the possibility to work in the background – in a way preventing employees from experiencing system slowdowns caused by preparing backup copies. Backups can encompass a single file, or a whole hard drive.

It is important to remember to store backups in a place other than the computer being backed up, and even in a separate building, to ensure the copy's safety the event of a disaster (flood/fire/theft). An additional possibility of creating backups is the cloud computing technology (data storage in a cloud). While using this method, it is important to remember to appropriately encrypt the files, to avoid the data being used by unauthorised parties in case of some sort of mistake. Files of special importance should be stored in several copies. Before preparing a backup, the backup system should be tested, to ensure that the system was implemented correctly will work properly when it is required.

Main benefits from the use of backup systems:
  • Protection of vital files/documents;
  • Possibility to quickly recover the desired data in the event of a failure;
  • Frequency of preparing backup copies according to user preference;
  • The possibility of storing backup copies in a "cloud";
  • Collected data are covered by protection against potential hazards (viruses, mechanical disk damage, fire, flood.

Vision Monitoring Systems used in industrial enterprises are intended to supervise the course of production processes, which enables control, especially in hard to reach areas. They are an inseparable part of the hardware of modern production halls, or storage warehouses. Continuous control allows for faster more accurate decision making, for instance in the case of failure (because the source is known), or an accident or theft in the production hall. An advantage of these systems is, above all else, the possibility to monitor several places simultaneously in digital technology, regardless of time of day or weather conditions. Data transmission takes place via a computer network and IP protocol, due to the vision devices being equipped with a WWW server. Modern vision monitoring systems are equipped with camera control and audio recording functionality. On the other hand, they also have the possibility to use safeguards from wiretapping, sabotage or forging of the image source.

Main benefits from the use of vision monitoring:
  • Automatic detection of movement/change of place of the observed object;
  • System integration with BMS biometric system;
  • The ability of rapid response and counteracting the entry of unauthorized persons;
  • The ability to control work and eliminate of dishonest employees;
  • Improvement in work efficiency;
  • The ability to view prior camera recordings;
  • System integration with alarm and protection tools;
  • Continuous supervision of loading and of unloading goods.
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