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Currently on the Polish market, several dozen ERP class systems (classified) are available, offered by a few hundred suppliers. To increase its competitive edge on the market, some manufacturers adjust their solutions to selected sectors and industries. They enhance the system with additional functionalities, specific for individual operational profiles, or enter into cooperation with manufacturers of specialised systems. There are also manufacturers and supplier, operating on the market, who create supplementary systems, enhancing the basic functionalities of ERP class systems.

As part of the educational cycle, IT Systems Synergy, conferences courses and workshops for entrepreneurs are organised. BPC presents entrepreneurs with a few dozen solutions per year, both ERP and specialized, which can be integrated to work together. Presentations are tailored to specific enterprises represented by the decision-making personnel, in terms of employment, operations profile, industry, IT area, decision-making stage, according to the RPK standard (Rozważa–Planuje–Kupuje - Considers-Plans-Buys), defined problems.

The IT Systems Synergy Educational Program is intended for companies located across the whole country. Meetings are not only a forum is for exchanging experiences between suppliers and entrepreneurs, but also a possibility to enter into business relationships.

Chart: Structure participants of the "IT Systems Synergy" meetings [%].
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The effectiveness of an enterprise is to a significant extent dependent on appropriately selected...

Food Industry

The food industry is subject to rigorous sanitary and EU standards, such as HACCP, GMP and GHP. In...


According to the BPC Group analytical data, 64% of companies only employ ERP class module solutions...

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry requires the application of modern IT solutions, which increase the effectiveness...

Logistics & Warehouse

Nearly 30% of freight forwarding companies that cooperate with the BPC Group, have plans for optimizing...

Energy & Utilities

The utilities sector companies put increasing emphasis on computerization of strategic areas of company...

Distribution & Commerce

The main factor determining success and facilitating liquidity in the industry, is the logistic supply...

Metal & Machine Industry

Metal and machine industry companies must optimize a large number of processes in the organization,...

IT Safety

Entrepreneurs perceive data leaks as a real threat for business operations. Unfortunately, many companies...

IT Systems Synergy

The Polish market includes at least a few dozen MRP/ERP solutions supporting the company management...
IT Systems Synergy – Upcoming Meetings:
There are no upcoming meetings for the selected specialization.
IT Systems Synergy – Past Meetings:
11th September 2015
Roadshow in Mielec
19th June 2015
Synergy Days – Day II, Block III
16th April 2015
Roadshow in Lublin
28th October 2014
Roadshow in Kraków
23rd October 2014
Roadshow in Poznań
25th September 2014
Roadshow in Łódź
24th September 2014
Roadshow in Warszawa
24th July 2014
Roadshow in Wrocław
17th June 2014
Roadshow in Kraków
12th June 2014
Roadshow in Poznań
27th May 2014
Conference in Katowice
14th May 2014
Roadshow in Wałbrzych
10th April 2014
Conference in Kraków
08th April 2014
Roadshow in Poznań
20th March 2014
Conference in Katowice
11th March 2014
Roadshow in Radom
20th February 2014
Conference in Poznań
22nd January 2014
Conference in Katowice
06th December 2013
Roadshow in Katowice
27th November 2013
Roadshow in Łódź
21st November 2013
Conference in Kraków
20th November 2013
Roadshow in Poznań
09th October 2013
Roadshow in Kraków
11th June 2013
Conference in Katowice
28th May 2013
Roadshow in Łódź
25th April 2013
Roadshow in Gdańsk
24th April 2013
Roadshow in Poznań
18th April 2013
Conference in Katowice
09th April 2013
Conference in Kraków
07th February 2013
Roadshow in Szczecin
06th February 2013
Roadshow in Gorzów Wlkp.
04th October 2012
Conference in Kraków
31st May 2012
Conference in Poznań
26th April 2012
Conference in Wrocław
15th March 2012
Roadshow in Wałbrzych
29th February 2012
Roadshow in Kraków
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Conference in Katowice 19th September 2019 Meeting Info Organisers Registration Media Patronage
Conference in Wrocław 19th September 2019 Meeting Info Organisers Registration Media Patronage