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Synergy Days 2017 – Wrocław, Block I, 22nd June 2017

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Synergy Poland provides advisory services for suppliers of IT solutions, in the field of strategic management and sales process reinforcement. So far, the company has analysed competencies of several hundred IT companies present on the Polish market. It has implemented over 200 on-request projects, strengthening the competitive position of suppliers. Strategic and marketing support services also pertained to IT solutions of a few dozen system classes.
Business Penetration & Consulting (BPC) is a consulting company that provides advice in processes of IT solution selection and new technologies implementation. The company offers services of pre-implementation analysis development and assists in bidders collecting as well as IT supplier selection. Furthermore, BPC supports the entrepreneurs in identification of IT market potential by providing them with current and objective knowledge about solutions functionalities and supplier competencies.
In addition to experience providing in individualized way, BPC organizes workshops and trainings for the entrepreneurs. During the last 6 years several hundred people have been educated in IT area. Among the participants of BPC workshops were representatives of different market sectors, IT staff as well as substantial enterprise departments. Organized were several dozen meetings for the enterprises located across the country.
Business Penetration & Consulting has recommendations of leading suppliers operating on the market of several system classes, i. a. ERP, MES, SCADA, WORKFLOW, EPM, BI what confirms high quality of provided services and professionalism in IT solution adjustment to the entrepreneur needs. The company has also a lot of references which have been given by enterprises satisfied with substantial support in IT solution selection processes.
Since 1980 Sorma develops ERP systems for manufacturing companies. Si5 is a web-based solution present in 26 countries and available in 14 languages. Si5 is perfect to manage production in industrial areas such as automotive, aeronautics, household appliances, electronic components, machine parts and pharmaceuticals.
The great specialization of subsystems in charge of managing production and material logistics enables to respond with extreme efficiency to the particularly sophisticated problems present within the multi-tier and multi-plant companies in which it is often required an integrated management of all flows (both material and procedural) among the different plants.
Si5 is used not only by large companies but also by small local areas which need a sophisticated tool for managing production.
Si5 helps companies to improve management processes, organization and at the same time by supporting both operation management and strategic decisions.
Integrated modules are available for the management of telematic flows with customers and suppliers based on the more widely used EDI protocols but also with WEB portal (suppliers and customers).
Great attention has also been dedicated to the administrative subsystem with specific features for the management of proprietary accountability according to emerging standards.
The Merz company operates on the market of manufacturing systems since 1991. Since 1999, Merz has proved quality in accordance to the ISO 9001 certificate.
The manufacturing execution system MES Merz is the company’s flagship. It represents a comprehensive solution for operational management, monitoring, planning and evaluation of production across various manufacturing segments.
Nowadays, MES Merz collects production data and monitors and evaluates production efficiency in a number of leading manufacturing companies. Moreover, Merz develops its own SCADA HMI for collection and visualization of technological data which finds use in e.g. pharmaceutical industry, paper and water engineering industry.
In the area of custom software development, Merz develops software according to specific customer requirements – we focus on new technologies and “roads travelled less often”, which often means not only software development, but a quantity of scientific and researching kinds of work as well. For a leading European company in the segment of infrared and high frequency sensors, we are developing a unique and innovative software for anonymous person detection in the video stream as well as some other software tools for intelligent video analysis.
ORSOFT was established in 1990 as an university spin-off putting the research groups "Optimisation" and "System process engineering" into practise. The "OR" in the name stands for operations research
Focusing on APS and SCM led to the evolvement of ORSOFT solutions that are far beyond the technological state-of-the-art. The guiding principles of ORSOFT are sustainability and stability, customer focus, appreciation and mutual support.
Delfoi develops, markets and supports Digital Manufacturing solutions and related consulting services for industry. Delfoi's solutions enable companies to speed up and streamline their production and delivery processes. With Delfoi's products and services companies can plan, execute and manage their manufacturing and delivery processes, which will lead to shorter time-to-market, faster ramp-up, shorter lead times, less inventory and better delivery accuracy.
Delfoi, established in 1990, is a pioneer company and trailblazer in robot offline programming world wide and world-class expert in production simulation and production scheduling and execution.
Delfoi's customers typically operate in automotive, aerospace, electronics, machine building and production automation industries. Delfoi has supplied over 600 solutions to customers, such as ABB, Kone, Nokia, Patria, Saab AB, Valio, Valmet, Volvo and many of their suppliers and partners.
Delfoi has head quarters in Espoo, Finland. Other offices are situated in Gothenburg, Sweden and in Mainz, Germany. Besides own locations Delfoi has a growing network of partners providing Delfoi solutions worldwide.
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PROXIA Polska Sp. z o.o. is the only Polish department of German Corporation PROXIA Software AG, a part of COSCOM Computer GmbH capital group, which is a producer of software for processes optimization in manufacturing industry.
Proxia means international experience (departments are located in Europe, North America and Asia) and competences in production automation since 1978. Currently in whole Europe and all over the World works over 6 thousands PROXIA systems, and nearly 25 thousands connected machines with CNC control systems.
As the only enterprise in the World, PROXIA develops and realizes whole process chain, starting with CAD/CAM construction, ending on production planning and monitoring. This way the software solutions of PROXIA allows non-interface communication, between different modules, with possibly the highest reliability since the first day of implementation.
ANT Technology Co., the producer of advanced solutions connected with automation and IT systems. ANT solutions are based on authorial ANT Studio, which is developed for building of operational systems on real-time data. Over 200 ANT Studio sold licences and around 100 implementation of systems in different branches, guarantees realization on the highest level.
Solutions offered by ANT are mainly used for monitoring, supervision, registration, alarming, reporting and data visualization, acquired from measuring and controlling equipment, devices, manufacturing machines, systems and applications. The company operates in following areas: MES/SCADA/Energy Optimization/GPRS telemetry/AMR/BMS.
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Synergy Days 2017 – Wrocław, Block I
Date: 22nd June 2017
Thursday, 08:00 AM
Place: Poland, Wrocław, Park Hotel Diament Wrocław ****
54–424 Wrocław, ul. Muchoborska 10
Costs: Participation is free of charge
(incl. lunch for participants, coffee break)
The Meeting will be conducted in Polish
and in English with a simultaneous
translation into Polish
Park Hotel Diament Wrocław ****
Organisers Synergy Days:
Technological Partners:
SORMA SpA Merz s.r.o. Orsoft GmbH Delfoi Oy APLIXCOM Solutions Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. Proxia Polska Sp. z o.o. ANT Sp. z o.o. MAGRA Spółka Jawna
General Sponsor:
Vecto Sp. z o.o.
Spa Medical Dwór Elizy Księgarnia Internetowa Helion.pl Kaspersky Lab Polska Sp. z o.o. AutoID Polska S.A. MAGRA Spółka Jawna Prezent Marzeń Interskills Pałac Chojnata Break The Code KLER SA
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