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Virtual Trip – Katowice, Block II, 28th October 2015

This Educational Meeting is targeted to enterprises that are operating on the Polish market,
and so it will be conducted in Polish language. Click Here to proceed to its domestic website,
where you can find expanded descriptions and more information in Polish.
Meeting Info
BPC GROUP POLAND would like to invite you for a Conference:

Virtual Trip – Katowice, Block II
Jak zwiększyć rentowną sprzedaż stosując dedykowane ERP?
Virtual Trip is a unique, virtual trip around companies which have implemented or are implementing development projects within the ERP area. Consultants of Synergy Poland will take the entrepreneurs to the production halls, to warehouses and offices where key business decisions are made. We get to know directors and departmental managers there, who tell us about their management-related problems. We will see rank and file employees performing their daily duties, we will visit the IT specialists to talk with them. We will ask every met individual about their opinion on the ERP solution used.

As we want to expand our knowledge of systems used by the companies - we will also visit the suppliers and the manufacturers. They are the individuals we ask about possibilities and functionalities offered by the solutions.

Virtual Trip in Katowice is divided into the following thematic blocks:
Block I Efektywna produkcja w ERP – czy to możliwe?
Block II Jak zwiększyć rentowną sprzedaż stosując dedykowane ERP?
Block III Inteligentna fabryka – pełna automatyzacja przemysłu.

A noticeable trend among companies involved in commerce and distribution, is the increasing role of the so-called E-Commerce, the development of which requires applying advanced IT solutions (i.a. RFID radio identification). In order to efficiently manage the retail network, one must use tools necessary for remote supervision of the sales process (integration with cash registers) and control of warehouse inventories.

During the meeting the following issues shall be presented:
  • Legal and economic requirement in commerce and distribution and IT solutions;
  • Warehouse loading and unloading optimization;
  • Limiting storage-related costs;
  • Increasing the warehouse and warehouse staff efficiency;
  • Shortening order preparation time;
  • Application of bar code technologies, RFID, voice systems;
  • Delivery chain management;
  • Internal and external logistics management;
  • Vehicle fleet management, keeping records of vehicles and transport costs;
  • Creation product sets;
  • Formulating promotional-marketing initiatives;
  • Business Intelligence.

We would like to invite company board members and management staff
to take part in the meeting, and in particular:
  • Chairmen and board members of companies in the SME and corporate sector;
  • Substantive department directors of the company i.a. warehouse, logistics,
    finance, controlling, quality control, development, sales, production;
  • Managers of IT departments;
  • Persons participating in the process of selecting IT solutions in the company.
Conference of BPC GROUP POLAND:
Date: 28th October 2015
Wednesday, 08:45 AM
Place: Poland, Katowice, Hotel Diament Arsenal Palace ****
41-500 Chorzów / Katowice, ul. Paderewskiego 35
Costs: Participation is free of charge
(incl. lunch for participants, free parking)
The Meeting will be
conducted in Polish
Hotel Diament Arsenal Palace ****
General Organiser:
Technological Partners:
CompuTec S.A. Todis Consulting Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. GECOS Sp. z o.o. INTER-PLAST Andrzej Bodziachowski
Honorary Patronage:
Regionalna Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa w Gliwicach
Patronage of Virtual Trip:
Regionalna Izba Handlu i Przemysłu w Bielsku-Białej
Kompass Poland Sp. z o.o. Księgarnia Internetowa Helion.pl Kaspersky Lab Polska Sp. z o.o.
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